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FileMaker Google Calendar Integration

More and more, FileMaker users are demanding integration with different web services using a variety of different methods:  SOAP, XML, REST, PHP, ODBC, Javascript and JSON are among the most requested.

Brendan McBride of DB Services shows in a short video how to sign up to google calendar services and some help with FileMaker Google Calendar integration:

The first step of this integration is to create a project in the Google Developers Console. Once you have created the project, you will then need to enable the Calendar API. This will take you to a setup process where the API will be managed. We will be using HTTP requests, so you will want to mark that the API will be accessed via a web browser client and that you will be accessing user data. You will also need to set the redirect URI to or any valid website. This is only used as a landing page for authentication and does not need to be anything special. Once the Client ID has been created, copy the Client ID and Client Secret into your solution. Keep your client secret hidden from the world as the combination of the Client ID and Client Secret will be used to authorize your solution to make changes to the end user’s calendar.

Brendan uses the free Base Elements plugin to help encode data in JSON (a plugin I’ve found very useful for SOAP XML), and to help parse the JSON code from google. The video shows how to set up a google developer account, and the free download file (at the link below) has the setup instructions and sample code to use to connect your own calendar.

You can’t ask for more than that. Thank you, Brendan.

Note to FileMaker developers: Learn all you are able about integrating FileMaker to web services.  It is a must if you want to succeed over the long run.

Source: FileMaker Google Calendar Integration | DB Services

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