FileMaker Go to iOS device via Dropbox

In case you were wondering, you can move a FileMaker database onto an iPad or iPhone using DropBox.  Douglas Alder (via Joshua Paul at Neo Code Software) of Homebase Software shows how.  This was first posted in 2011, so the interfaces may be outdated, but the concept is still valid.

FileMaker Go is a great technology to allow users to take their databases on the road. In a corporate setting sharing data is easy, just put the database on FileMaker Server and access the database via the Internet using a domain name or an IP address. Individual users without such a setup are left with a more complicated approach to getting their database onto their iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod). Dropbox, a cloud-base file sharing service, offers an alternate wireless route to getting databases onto an iPhone that doesn’t require plugging into a computer and launching iTunes.

Thanks to Joshua Paul at Neo Code Software for this tip. He set his sharing up using Syncplicity and details it here. I tried it with DropBox and got stumped, then he pointed out that I just left out the last step. Click the action arrow at the bottom right to send it to FileMaker Go. (Duh). Thanks Josh.

More…Getting FileMaker Go databases onto an iOS device using Dropbox | HomeBase Software.

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