FileMaker Function of the Week: Day Functions

The Day Functions are a set of three very handy, built-in FileMaker functions, which, when combined with a few other functions, add the ability to manipulate the day portion of a date:

The Day (Date) function hands back the numerical date of the date in its parameter. Put like that, it probably sounds a bit useless. If you’re putting a date in the parameter, you already know the number of the day in question.

Day ( “10/31/2016” ) = 31 (= Duh!)

The other two functions in the set are:

  • Day (date)
  • DayOfWeek (date)

And believe it or not, you can do some very handy programming with these three functions.  Stuart Gripman provides some good examples of ship date calculations as well as a way to determine the day of the week when you were born!

FileMaker Function of the Week: Day Functions.

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