FileMaker Essential Design Principles – YouTube

Don Levan on the importance of design principles on function and, ultimately, increased profits and happier users. One example from the video:  a simple change that saved 15 seconds saved $500,000 per year.
Published on Apr 6, 2015

Proper solution design means the people who use it can solve previously insurmountable problems and more easily accomplish business tasks. As the designer of the system, your solution will always be more intuitive and easier for you to use than it will be for others. If poorly designed, users may waste significant time and money and feel frustrated and annoyed.

In this 60-minute session, hosted by Dr. Don Levan, president of Vanguard Custom Software and author of the “FileMaker Interaction Guide,” learn the key principles of interaction design and gain simple, actionable strategies you can use to create better FileMaker Pro interfaces.

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FileMaker Web Seminar: Essential Design Principles – YouTube.

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