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IF YOU’VE NEVER used BaseElements free plugin, you’re not doing yourself any favors.  It a great plugin that just been enhanced by DB Services with new encryption functionality:

  • Just as we’ve needed HTTP POST many times over the years, we’ve also needed field-level encryption. So, as history tends to do, we repeated ourselves by sponsoring the development of the plugin again, but this time for encryption functions. The latest beta version of the BaseElements plugin (2.3 as of 4/23/2014) now includes a set of AES encryption functions that can be used to encrypt text fields in a FileMaker database.
  • Where Encryption Fits
  • The new encryption functionality in the BaseElements plugin allows you to securely store sensitive data, such as credit card numbers and SSNs (ideally you wouldn’t store this data, but if need be, encryption is an important component of PCI and HIPAA compliance). Encrypting the entire database at rest, using FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced’s new file-level encryption, is also important in protecting sensitive data, but will not help you once a user has the database open. Encrypting at the field level prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data in open FileMaker files, whether that be from exporting records, checking out a field value in Data Viewer, or accidentally stumbling upon a developer layout displaying the field.
  • If you have a FileMaker system that could benefit from a tighter security policy, contact us to discuss helping you add encryption to your system using the BaseElements plugin.

Check out the video below, and download the sample file at the link.

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