Build a FileMaker Elapsed Timer

FileMaker Elapsed Timer

A lawyer client recently requested a start and stop FileMaker elapsed timer for the CRM/Case manager solution I am building for him. I poked around on the web for while and didn’t find anything I liked, and decided to build one.  He likes it so much I decided to share it with the community:

The FileMaker elapsed timer is simple and quick to build.  There are only three fields, one script, and one field with conditional formatting.

The three fields are:

  • Elapsed Time Start (Timestamp field)
  • Elapsed Time (Time field)
  • FlagTimerRunning (Number field)

It’s important that the Elapsed Time Start be a Timestamp field, otherwise the start time appears as 12:00:00 instead of 00:00:00.

The Elapsed Time field shows the total elapsed time as the user updated the timer by clicking the button.

TheFlagTimerRunning lets us know when the timer is running by turning the Elapsed Time Field text color to Red.

Want to see the details in FileMaker?  Download the file Free FileMaker file here:  FileMaker Elapsed Time Counter

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