FileMaker Devcon 2015 Recap

*Devcon was smoking hot, but not this hot…The Cosmopolitan caught fire on the Saturday after Devcon…No one was seriously injured, thankfully.

FileMaker Devcon 2015 is over, and with sixteen interview sessions in the can, I’m looking at some serious video production time.  Look for the interviews to be posted over the coming weeks. 

The interviewees included Richard Carlton, Tim Cimburra, Enrique Bilbao from Brazil, Matt Petrowsky, Duane Maas, Mike Beargie, and Michael Rocharde, to name just a few.

The content is awesome:  How each got started in FileMaker, their favorite tools, their opinions on the direction FileMaker is taking, their experiences with the FileMaker community, tips and advice, business advice, and mistakes to learn from.

I’ll be posting each interview as a whole, but will also be chopping out smaller clips that deal with specific topics,and combining those into playlists for easier viewing.

The spirit at Devcon this year was very upbeat and infectious, and the outlook for the next year is positive.  There are a lot of good things coming in the next year, some great new features in the offing, and a laser focus by FileMaker on increasing business by leveraging the developer base.  Good news, indeed.


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