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GREAT IDEA!   Combine a visit to the Oregon coast with a FileMaker learning experience, taught by several noted FileMaker Experts.  Hurry, though–it’s later this month:

MSN Media and Eight2 are proud to announce a FileMaker Retreat at the Oregon Coast. This retreat will provide a unique and immersive opportunity for you to collaborate with seasoned developers and receive feedback on your FileMaker projects.

Spend a few days at the coast with us and expand your knowledge. We will help you focus on your solutions, improve speed and reliability, and create better interfaces. Connect with other developers and get one-on-one mentoring with experienced developers throughout the retreat.

The retreat will take place June 15-18 on the breathtaking Oregon Coast. The 11 bedroom house with spectacular views is sure to spark inspiration & relaxation. The event includes mentoring, guided programming sessions, lodging, and professionally cooked meals.

Break-out sessions on topics:

The schedule will include break-out sessions on FileMaker 13 topics including:

  • FileMaker for Public Health
  • FileMaker Go development: Make it fast, simple, natural and feel native to iPad
  • Popover Buttons: The best thing for data entry since sliced bread
  • Designing for user interaction
  • Improving your Analysis Skill: Solve programming problems quickly


Matt Navarre: MSN Media Owner, Certified in FM7-13, Host of FileMaker Talk, regular speaker at DevCon, author of fmSearchResults
Gerald Chang: Principal at Eight2, Certified in FM11-13, Developer with over 20 years of FileMaker experience
Deborah Norton: Professional developer with 11 years of experience in FileMaker
David Weiner: MSN Media Developer with 16 years of experience in FileMaker
Daniel Gray: MSN Media: Certified developer with 19 years of experience

More information at the link:

More…FileMaker Coast Retreat – MSN Media.


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