FileMaker Calculations Session Demo – YouTube

THIS IS THE LAST of an excellent series of videos by FileMaker based on the FileMaker Training Series. This video webinar covers the basics of FileMaker calculations, scripting, and reporting.  For example, learn how to calculate the number of days between two days, how to integrate text with fields to build new fields like a complete address.

With scripting, learn how to navigate between layouts, how to use script triggers, make buttons, and more.

In reporting, learn about sub summary reporting when sorted by different fields, grand totals, preview mode, basic graphs, and much more.

As if that’s not enough, you will learn how to integrate FileMaker Pro with other business systems, learn about FileMakers built in security capabilities, and learn how to share and deploy FileMaker solutions to other users.

Webinar: FileMaker Training Series (Calculations Session) Demo – YouTube.

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