FileMaker and Shippo, and the 2–Minute Rule

Shipping Labels Using FileMaker and Shippo

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Brandon Ray, of DB Services, posts a great how to do it article on integrating FileMaker with Shippo, an inexpensive online service that allows you to use just about any major shipping service.  Shippo provides an easy way to get shipping costs and allows you to print the label, too.  And all for a cost of only a nickel over the cost of shipping.

There is one small catch.

You’ll probably have to double enter the customer’s shipping information:  Once into your order system, and once into Shippo.  Errors creep in when double order entry is needed. But, no worries!

Ray’s solution gives step by step instructions for connecting your FileMaker solution to Shippo….or you could just download the free FileMaker Example file at the link below and integrate that with your solution.

Source: FileMaker Shipping Labels with Shippo


The 2–Minute Rule

James Clear is back with research on how to stop procrastinating with what he calls the 2–Minute Rule.  It boils down to one simple observation:  Most things you put off are easily done, you just don’t get around to doing them for some reason.  The 2-Minute Rule addresses that problem by defining an issue thus:  If it takes less than two minutes to do, then do it now.

The 2–Minute Rule works for big goals as well as small goals because of the inertia of life. Once you start doing something, it’s easier to continue doing it. I love the 2–Minute Rule because it embraces the idea that all sorts of good things happen once you get started.

  • Want to become a better writer? Just write one sentence (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll often find yourself writing for an hour.
  • Want to eat healthier? Just eat one piece of fruit (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll often find yourself inspired to make a healthy salad as well.
  • Want to make reading a habit? Just read the first page of a new book (2–Minute Rule), and before you know it, the first three chapters have flown by.

I tired this, and it’s easy to apply.  You only have to invoke the 2-minute rule.

But I have bigger to-do’s than 2 minutes!

When you have something that takes longer to do than 2 minutes, something you’ve been putting off, just give it two minutes.  That often leads to working longer on it and getting it done sooner.  Read up on the science backing this concept at the link below.

Source: How to Stop Procrastinating by Using the “2-Minute Rule”

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