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Integrate FileMaker and PayPal

As many developers (but not many users) know, most development languages (PHP, C, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.) have a major advantage over FileMaker:  Custom code already developed in their language to connect to various online services (API’s).  Virtually every time I look into connecting FileMaker to an online service, there is a list of already developed code available for developers use…and FileMaker is never on that list. But, thanks to a vibrant FileMaker community, we are making headway! We don’t see FileMaker examples with the other source code examples (FileMaker is not on PayPal’s radar yet), but various solutions are now available on the web.

Examples include Todd Geist’s API Generator, DB Services Amazon Marketplace solution, and Google Auto Complete from the Scarpetta Group.

FileMaker Starting Point

RC Consulting’s FileMaker Starting Point (FMSP) now joins the list by integrating FileMaker and PayPal!  FMSP is a completely free, very powerful FileMaker App designed to provide the most necessary functions needed by small and medium businesses to succeed:

In summary, FM Starting Point takes the most popular starter solutions bundled with FileMaker Pro, but combines them into a single useful tool…as opposed to separate databases which do not interoperate together. FM Starting Point has been downloaded over 415,000 times and is by far the most popular CRM available on the FileMaker platform. While the amazing price of FM Starting Point has a lot to do with its popularity, we routinely receive thank you notes from users thanking RCC for our contributions to the community for the release of this tool. We specifically designed FM Starting Point to be understandable by end users, making it easy for them to take it apart and customize for their particular needs.

Check out this quick overview video:

The free downloadable file is available here.  And for those of you that need this built into your already existing database, detailed instructions for integrating PayPal come with the download.  Note that FileMaker 16 is required for this solution to work.

One More Thing…

Make it a point to visit the FMSP Marketplace, where you can download other free files and themes, such as test extraction from documents, a free, powerful navigation theme, and navigation tools (including one from Claus Lavendt!). There are also some great commercial offerings, as well.

Source: FMSP Market Place PayPal Demo

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