FileMaker and AWS Services

FileMaker and AWS Services

You may have a need to integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) into your business, but just didn’t know it.  Jesse Barnum’s DevCon 2018 presentation covered the ways to integrate FileMaker and AWS Services.  But he was not talking about how to build FileMaker servers on AWS.  Instead, Barnum focused on the wealth of services offered by AWS available to be controlled from FileMaker.

Virtually everything found on AWS has an API…an API you can access with FileMaker 16 and 17.  And Barnum gives you the keys to unlock this treasure chest.

Amazon offers 131 services.  Or more.

Here’s a partial list:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Media Encryption
  • Image recognition
  • Database services
  • Backup on S3
  • Analytics
  • Networking
  • Mobile
  • Developer tools
  • Management tools
  • IoT

Check out the full list here.  And, everything you can do in AWS console you can do from FileMaker.

Barnum shows how to connect to six of those services:

  • Kinesis
  • SQS (Simple Queue Service, used in CloudMail)
  • Transcribe
  • S3
  • Translate
  • Athena

Hint:  You’ll want to google AWS SQS API Documentation to find out how to find the API (in this case, the SQS API) and links to developer tools, as well.

Check out the details in this DevCon 2018 video:

And don’t forget to download the Free FileMaker Example files from here, as well.

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