FileMaker 18 Certification Training Guides

Two Files to Help You Get Ready

Studying for a FileMaker 18 certification test is difficult, and, as any test taker can attest, answering the questions can be tricky. FileMaker provides a very handy certification study guide in pdf format, one you would be well advised to get and study. FileMaker offers advice on how to effectively study for the test:

We recommend that you use this guide to determine what to study as you prepare for the test in the following ways:

  1. Read each objective. You should be prepared to be able to accomplish the task each objective states.
  2. Answer each question to your best ability.
    1. Read the FileMaker Pro Advanced Help topics and other preparation resources to find the answer.
    2. Figure out your best answer to the question. Compare it to the answer given.

This is very good advice…except the part about reading FileMaker Pro Advanced Help topics. Finding the proper resource can be time consuming and the details are not always easily digested, leading to frustration and delay. What is a developer to do?

Don’t worry, there is another study guide available.

Penny Ruddell’s FileMaker 18 Certification revision app, FMSundae18

Penny built a FileMaker Go iPhone app (but of course..) containing Flash Cards – 227 flash cards, to be exact. The flash cards are categorized by type (JSON Webdirect, ODBC, FileMaker Pro Advanced, etc.) and each card has a link to the specific help topic covered in that card. The Help Topics open in a WebViewer. When done studying one, click the Done button to return to the App.

Penny’s app also has handy sections on each of the following topics

  • Script Triggers
  • Connections
  • Import/Export
  • Differences
  • References

Dig into each one and you’ll see how easy it is to find the information you need in just one click. Pretty slick.

OK, Where Do I Get This App?

Penny graciously allowed me to share her app here on I’ll also link this post to the Free FileMaker Example Files list, making it easier to find in the future. And to save you time, I’ve also linked FMSundae 17. While you are there, browse through over 350 free FileMaker Example files – you’re bound to find something you need!

You can also download both of the above apps and more from the App Innovations page in the FileMaker Community. This page is open to the public.

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