FileMaker 16 Favorite Hosts and Files

Managing FileMaker 16 Favorite Hosts and Files

Matt Petrowsky’s short video on the changes in FileMaker 16 management of hosts and files sheds light on the darkness that is the new system.  I’m not sure a system that is less intuitive and thus less user friendly is the way forward for FileMaker, but there it is.

FileMaker also removed the bottom menu bar with the screen resize buttons and access to the different modes (Browse, Layout, Preview and Find).  The interface is definitely less busy, but also less usable.

FileMaker 15 Nav and Display tools


FileMaker 16 Missing Nav and Display tools

I have a suggestion:  Allow users to show it or not in FileMaker 17.  Don’t just take it away.

Anyway, enjoy the video and read on below to find out how you can promote yourself and your business to your clients in a 5 minute FaceBook live on FileMaker Pro Gurus ( only if you are attending DevCon 2017!).

DevCon 2017 Attendees:  Star in a FaceBook Live video on FileMaker Pro Gurus website!

I’ll be doing 5 minute FaceBook Live segments at DevCon 2017.  Now is your chance:  Share with your clients your favorite features of FileMaker 16, some of your best success stories, and I’ll post it on FileMaker Pro Gurus website after the conference.  Then share your story and build your business (or your boss’s business) by sharing the link.

Look for details here, on Facebook, Twitter, and G+ as we get closer to DevCon!

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