FileMaker 13: Rich Web Access and More

04 December 2013     By Stephen Withers

The standout feature of FileMaker 13 is the new WebDirect capability to deliver a rich FileMaker experience in a web browser, but the company claims more than 50 new features can be found in the cross-platform database software.

While earlier versions of FileMaker included an Instant Web Publishing feature, FileMaker 13’s WebDirect delivers a web experience that is a lot closer to applications running locally in FileMaker.

If you can build a FileMaker database and layout, you can now do it for the web, FileMaker systems engineer David Head told iTWire, explaining that the work was done under the covers by FileMaker Server.

WebDirect uses HTML5 and works with “modern desktop browsers,” he said, with any changes (eg, those made by another user) being reflected in the web view almost instantly.

via FileMaker 13: rich web access and more.

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