FileMaker 13 Refresh Object Script Step

HERE’S SOME MORE ON REFRESHING OBJECTS AND FIELDS.  This should be of concern to all developers–we all have times where we can’t get a pesky field to update.  Seedcode wrote this article last December on just this subject, and explains how it lets you get granular in it’s application:

However, the new script step “Refresh Object” applies the refresh to any objects enclosed in a refreshed object as well. So now I’ve gathered the icons in a one-panel FileMaker 13 slide control and applied the refresh to that object. This is less weight than refreshing the whole window–and substantially less weight in Web Direct, where refreshing the window can take much longer than refreshing an object.

There’s more at the link–be sure to read the whole post.

More…FileMaker 13 Slide Controls as Refresh Enclosures.

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