FileMaker 13 Column Chart on Found Set, revisited | FileMakerHacks

A VERY SLICK WAY to bypass a slow custom function and speed up drawing a chart.

The second thing you’ll note is that performance (assuming you’re testing this locally, not on a LAN or WAN) is quite zippy — on my machine it takes about 1 second to process 50,000 records, and less than 2 seconds for 100,000 records.

Apart from the total number of records, the only difference between this demo and its discredited predecessor is the method used to count the unique states in the current found set. This time we’re going to use a value list to build a list of unique states for the current found set… here’s how.

You’ll want to read the whole thing and download the sample files.

FM 13 Column Chart on Found Set, revisited | FileMakerHacks.


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