Europe’s largest independent recording studio runs on FileMaker 14 Platform

Metropolis Studios, the largest independently owned recording studio in Europe, runs on the FileMaker 14 platform.  Think about that a bit.  A creative, fast paced business dealing with stars like The Rolling Stones, Amy Whitehouse, U2, and many others, is using the FileMaker platform, an easy to use Rapid Application Development (RID) program, for running their complex and ever changing business.  No doubt, they had plenty of alternatives, but chose FileMaker for it’s unique abilities:

Keeping us at the forefront of business, FileMaker is what helps us stay ahead of the curve of other music studios. This is vital when handling some of the music industry’s biggest names. Thanks to the flexibility and easy integration of FileMaker we’re a better connected business, we’re expanding our international credentials and we get to spend more time with our clients, rather than worrying about lengthy administration. FileMaker isn’t just supporting our business, it’s enabling it.

— Oli Sussat, Director of Marketing, Communications and Technology at Metropolis

And remember these words the next time you need to explain to your potential client why he should use the FileMaker platform:

“Nothing was able to do the end-to-end job as well as our custom FileMaker solution,” comments Ian Brenchley, CEO, Metropolis. “The beauty of it is that we can instantly adapt and integrate it across any area of our business, from the finance department to our sound engineers. Everyone is catered for, and wherever we go, it can go with us. It’s been an absolute revolution for Metropolis.”

As a developer and a business person, you should always be on the look out for great examples to share with your clients.  Remember they don’t know much about their alternatives.  Examples like these help them make the best decision.

Source: Europe’s largest independent recording studio runs on FileMaker 14 Platform

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