Enable Logging of Client Usage Statistics in FileMaker Server | the beezwax buzz

VERY NICE WAY to write server log details to file, including a workaround to a bug that causes improper shutdown of the log service.

It turns out that when the Log client statistics…. check box is checked, this data is logged to (on Mac OS) /Library/FileMaker Server/Logs/ClientStats.log. But only when this check box is ticked and the Clients tab is selected.

Luckily, there is an exception provided by the fmsadmin command line tool. You can run the following command in the Terminal to enable the statistics logging:

fmsadmin enable CLIENTSTATS

There is a hitch with this however (there had to be one, right?): if anyone opens the Log Viewer tab in the Admin Console the client statistics will get turned off. My slightly imperfect fix for this is toset up a Launchd file to enable the client statistics every hour.

Read the whole thing.


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