Dynamic Portal Search, Qubits, Design Fail, and more

James Scarpetta put together a handy dynamic portal search technique that works fast and finds matching records across any number of fields–a very nice feature for your clients!  This technique requires custom functions, but is very fast, easy to implement, and close to modular in design:

So here is another one of those things I can’t live without, it’s really the custom function that drives this post and was created by FileMaker Inspirations but that I constantly use because of how fast it is. So lets see what it can do. I should note that you need to have FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced to be able to Import or Create custom functions which are used in this post.

Best of all, there is a free download at the link with everything you need to make a dynamic portal search work in your solutions.

Source: Dynamic Portal Search with FileMaker 14

You can now tinker with IBM’s quantum computer over the web.  I kinda get lost when the unit of storage (the qubit) can be a one, a zero, or both at the same time.  Still, it’s exciting technology that has the potential to revolutionize computing.

Design changes that backfire:  Spotify’s new design makes search feel like a giant reach

Isn’t it interesting that the same people who laugh at science fiction listen to weather forecasts and economists?

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