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A free video and download from Matt Petrowski on loading content from a variety of sources, including the web:

FileMaker Pro is such a wonderful environment for being able to rapidly create software which is extremely powerful and functional. The fact that the database is just there, built-in and available saves an enormous amount of time over other environments. This applies to many aspects of the environment.

When you combine the ability to interact with the world’s greatest source of information distribution, the Internet, then wonderful things can happen within your solution.

In this video, I show you how to store and retrieve some of your content from the Internet. The latest trend in freely available services is something which any FileMaker developer can tap into.

Using the free version of the source control platform GitHub, I show you how you can store all kinds of information on the Internet which may be used within your FileMaker solution dynamically. Whether you’re simply storing help content or storing navigational control directly on your own FileMaker Server, knowing how to take advantage of dynamically loading content is a key piece of knowledge.

These techniques allow you to easily integrate fresh content to users–once you have taken the time to set up the variables, scripting, and content files.  Check it out an download the example file at the link.

Via Dynamic Loading Content – ISO FileMaker Magazine.

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