Duplicate FileMaker Data Via Array – YouTube

DWAYNE WRIGHT demonstrates some interesting and useful techniques in the process of duplicating records using an array:  Building lists, getting list values, list counts, and lots more.

Published on Apr 25, 2014

This is one of my longest straight uncut videos of all time and I only struggled in a few places and had just a couple bloopers that I couldn’t edit out. In summary, I’m capturing all the records in the found set into a script variable. I’m then finding each record one at a time, duplicating, removing that original record from the list of records I said I was going to duplicate, adding the duplicated record to another list and then repeating the process until I have duplicated all the records in that set. Since I have captured the record ids of all the records I duplicated, I create a found set of those by using a GTRR.

Watch the whole thing to learn some intermediate FileMaker techniques.

via Duplicate FileMaker Data Via Array – YouTube.

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