Digital Fusion – Creating Tidy Popup Windows

MORE ON DESIGN – popup windows should be in the right place, be the proper size, and communicate clearly what is needed from the user.  Unless, of course, you are popping it for programming purposes and have hidden it from the viewer.  On the assumption you aren’t doing that, read this post from Digital Fusion:

Why would you want tidy popups?

Consider any standard application on your computer, such as iTunes, Mail, Safari etc. When you open new windows in these applications, such as entering the preferences, what do you see? Typically, you will see the popup windows appear centered in front of your current window. They appear right away, and they appear all setup and ready to go.

Now, if an application can do it, then why shouldn’t your database? Databases are just as critical as applications, if not more, so why skimp on the detail?

Having tidy popups makes your entire database feel tidy and polished, and can be achieved very easily.

Lots of good advice and code.

Digital Fusion – Creating Tidy Popup Windows.


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