David Knight Interview

I traveled to L.A. recently for business and, not wanting to waste an opportunity to get to know more people in the FileMaker community, scheduled a video interview with David Knight of Angel City Data.  Listen in to learn more about David, including:

  • How he got his start with FileMaker
  • How he landed major recording studios as clients
  • How he has had zero staff turnover in 10 years in business
  • His advice for building a successful development business
  • His favorite non-FileMaker activities
  • His efforts with FM Disc, the largest FM User group in the world
  • The future of FileMaker
  • And lots more…

David Knight has been active in the FileMaker community for a long time, and knows most of the active players that have been in it over the years.

Spend a few minutes and get to know him, and benefit from his experiences over the years.

David Knight Interview of Angel City Data.

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