Databuzz releases fmSMS v3 – rewritten for FileMaker Pro 12 | Databuzz

Databuzz releases fmSMS v3 – rewritten for FileMaker Pro 12

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Databuzz today announced fmSMS v3, an upgrade to their award winning solution that lets you send and receive SMS/TXT messages from within FileMaker Pro.

fmSMS allows you to send an SMS from FileMaker Pro to almost any mobile phone in the world via one of the supported SMS Gateways, reaching over 860 mobile networks in more than 220 countries. SMS is great means of direct communication with customers, staff, suppliers, and students.

fmSMS v3 was rewritten for FileMaker Pro v12 and includes support for sending messages from FileMaker Go running on the iPad or iPhone. Databuzz will be demonstrating fmSMS v3 at the 2013 FileMaker Developer Conference, to be held in San Diego, California from August 12-15.

What’s New in v3

–        rewritten for FileMaker Pro v12

–        reduced the number of files from 3 to 1

–        now uses the BaseElements plug-in

–        simplified licensing: no limit on the number of FileMaker Pro clients

–        includes a license for FileMaker Server

–        FileMaker Go support for sending messages from an iPad or iPhone*

SMS is perfect for appointment reminders, phone messages, promotions, segmented marketing, school absence alerts, and password confirmations. With SMS you can reduce your costs and play less “telephone tag”.

fmSMS works with multiple SMS Gateway providers internationally and supports the following features**:

–        Send single and bulk SMS messages (messages are typically delivered in under 15 seconds)

–        Send long messages (greater than 160 characters)

–        Works with over 30 SMS Gateway providers internationally

–        Delayed Delivery – send a message now for delivery at a future time

–        Alphanumeric Sender ID

–        Delivery Receipts – track the status of sent messages

–        Message Logging – track the history of all sent messages

–        Message templates – create an unlimited number of pro forma templates

–        2 Way SMS – allow recipients to reply to messages and have them appear in fmSMS

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