Database Skills, FileMaker Pro Training

Check out FileMaker’s free, downloadable starter course, and get started learning FileMaker Pro now:

Say goodbye to paper forms, spreadsheet and single-use apps and learn how to create your own custom solution for your unique business needs. Get started with the FileMaker Training Series: Basics – a free download.

Get step-by-step instructions to help you create a solution from start to finish. You’ll get an overview of the FileMaker Platform as well as a tour the built-in tools and templates to make a solution that’s right for you.

Discover the basics of working with layouts, creating interfaces for iPad and iPhone, and building reports on the fly. You’ll also get an introduction to calculations, scripting and how to make sure your new solution is secure.

Get started building your first FileMaker solution today.

Manage people, projects, assets and more–the easy way

This free version has 19 lessons that cover everything from planning a database to building a sample database.  The emphasis is on features and benefits.

For those interested in more in depth training, FileMaker offers a $19.99 course.  Or you can join the FileMaker Developer Subscription for $99 and get FileMaker Training Series: Advanced for free, something you’d want to do if you are serious about learning FileMaker

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