Those Darn Escape Codes

NOT QUITE AS GOOD AS A DECODER RING, but still a handy little utility file.  Stuart Gripman of FullCity Consulting built a little database that decodes over 3000 escape codes into regular english:

Sometimes cutting and pasting content and code from websites can be fraught with frustration. Some of the biggest headache makers are escape codes- representations of uncommon characters flanked with an ampersand and hash symbol on one end and a semicolon on the other.

For example, the following escape code in an HTML document: &#copy; actually displays on screen as a copyright symbol © (a circle with a letter c inside). Get that code into almost any other document (FileMaker, Word, BBEdit) and it’s just going to be &#copy; plain and simple. This example is pretty innocuous. Even if you don’t know what &#copy; stands for, you can probably figure it out from context clues and fix it manually.

Best of all, if he missed any, you can add them to the table yourself.  Follow the link to download the free file.

via Those Darn Escape Codes.

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