Creating New Records in a FileMaker Portal With a Twist

JAMES CURRIE of Weetbicks shows off a neat little trick to add rows to a FileMaker portal using the FileMaker 13 field to conditionally hide fields.

Hiding the contents of the last row

We can now specify a simple calculation to hide the contents of the last row. We select all the objects that we want to hide in the last row and specify the “Hide object when” calculation to be:

IsEmpty ( Tracks::Track ID )

We could select any field that will have a value auto entered at record creation (eg a record ID). All objects in the last row of the portal with this hide condition defined will now be hidden.

Adding a button for creating a record

We can now add our button for creating records to the portal. We only have to make one small alteration to our calculation we used to hide the contents of the last row. Simply adding not to the beginning of our calculation will have the desired effect. Our calculation now becomes:

not IsEmpty ( Tracks::Track ID )

When a developer is faced with limited real estate (common on a mobile device), this technique comes in handy.  Read the whole post and download the example file at the link.

Creating New Records in a Portal With a Twist.


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