Cool: Mouse-over FileMaker Popovers

DANIEL WOOD OF WEETBICKS has extended the work he did with sliding drawers to popovers:

In our last article, we introduced a generic technique that could be used to replicate a mouse-over effect. This used a combination of a custom function, script, plugin and tooltips to allow the user to expand and collapse a sliding drawer control without the need for a mouse-click.

In this article we take the technique and modify it to be suited toward opening and closing the popover object upon mouse-over. Popovers are a new feature in FileMaker 13 and are like a balloon tooltip.  They are great for revealing additional information on a layout such as actions, information, checkboxes etc (just like a sliding drawer)…

Differences between sliding drawers and popovers

In our sliding drawer article, we only dealt with a single sliding drawer on a single layout. The demo was not built for multi-window, multi-layout, or even multi-panel within the same layout. If a user wished to have two drawers on a given layout, then they would have had to replicate the required functionality for the second drawer, hardly efficient!

My only problem with mouse-overs is if the object is in a heavily traveled mouse path.  The mouse-over activates the popover even (especially) when  I don’t want it to, which is a bit annoying after a while.  I recently removed a plugin function from a beta version that provided a mouse over effect for just that reason–it started to bother everyone.

BTW, Daniel graciously shared his achievements in a downloadable file.  Get it at the link.

More…Popovers that Open and Close on Mouse-Over.

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