Converting FileMaker’s Classic Theme

Many new developers will invariably have to work on existing solutions, some dating back many years (sometimes the solution was written before they were born!).  FileMaker’s long and storied history lends credibility to the platform, but brings with it problems with older versions (Version 8, anyone?).

Converting old databases to the newer versions requires updating more than just code.  As Alexis Allen shows in her latest post on Designing FileMaker, it often entails converting FileMaker’s Classic theme:

Many of us who have been working in FileMaker for some time have solutions built on the Classic Theme. “Classic” sounds good, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to build something “Classic?” Well, fellow FileMaker developers, in this case we do want to clear out that old classic, Classic Theme. In this article, find out about a 2-step process to update the meat of your layouts to something leaner, faster, and better-looking than the good old Classic solution you have today.

Transitioning from Classic to another theme is definitely an investment in time, but you can be confident it’s worth it. Being able to use themes and styles is a huge advantage in any development you do going forward, and you’ll be rewarded by quicker performance and more efficient use of resources for the continuing life of the system. Put on your favourite music to help you push through all the copying, pasting and selecting, and go for it with gusto!

Learn how to transition legacy FileMaker solutions away from using the Classic theme.

Bookmark (or Evernote or whatever your favorite saving program is) this article and come back to when the need arises – there is plenty of good advice in this guide.

Source: Converting from the Classic Theme Part 1: The Guts – Design for FileMaker Pro Developers

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