Connecting FileMaker Pro to MySQL | resistance to persistence

Connecting FileMaker Pro to MySQL

Posted on 3/10/2011 by Blaine

I’m doing a trial of FileMaker Pro 11 on my Mac for a work project. Part of that, I want to incorporate some existing data out of a MySQL database. FM Pro allows for ESS (external SQL sources) with an ODBC connection. After a couple hours, trying a bunch of ODBC drivers for Mac, it appeared that there was only a single option – Actual Tech‘s ODBC driver which costs $35. Not too expensive, but I was looking for free for this trial. The MySQL driver should work, but after a lot of googling, it’s a known problem that there’s a bug. Until I found the bug filed for it. It’s been fixed in a recent version of the MySQL driver! And it’s free! I downloaded it and sure enough, it works. Since there’s a lot of other people out there that have been looking to do the same, I wanted to post this solution for them as well.

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