Conditional Subsummary Report in Browse Mode

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Conditional Subsummary Report in Browse Mode

Posted on September 22, 2013 by Kevin Frank

Last time we looked at several summary reporting tricks, including a conditional subsummary when an item’s Status is “Scheduled” it will have a value in the Substatus field — otherwise Substatus will be blank. The challenge was to generate a summary report showing Substatus only where appropriate, without seeing any annoying empty gray rows beneath Pending, Cancelled or Completed. And last week’s report worked fine… in preview mode.Joel Shapiro posted a comment wondering whether I’d had any luck getting the trick to work in browse mode, and suggesting that the virtual list technique might facilitate this. It was a good suggestion, and today we have three demos exploring this approach. Once again the demos are in .fp7 format, but of course you can convert them to .fmp12 format if you wish.

More… filemakerhacks.

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