Coding Principles And FileMaker

What coding principles do you follow?  Have you given it much thought?  If not, make time to develop (and write down) base principles to live by.  And collaborate with any other developers with whom you may work, as well.

Agnes Riley of ZeroBlue shared some of her hard earned principles recently:

Whether you’re a hard core coder who eats, sleeps and breathes code or a school teacher turned FileMaker developer, you sure have some principles that you abide by (and if you don’t you should). We live by principles, so why shouldn’t we code by principles? And when you code, you often ask yourself “is this the best possible way to solve the problem?” In FileMaker there are at least three ways to do the same things.

She lists a few of her basic principles and gives some detail:

  • Yagni
  • Worse is better
  • KISS
  • DRY

A good start, but you’ll need much more if you do this for a living, including Design principlesCoding standards, Design Theory, and some Business Savvy.  Check out the links for much more detail.  And share your thoughts in the comments.

One bedrock principle you can count on while gathering these skills:  You will always be learning and looking for better ways to do the job.

Coding Principles And How They Apply In FileMaker.


Photo: Ben Terrett Foter CC BY-NC-ND

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