Can You Make it as a FileMaker Consultant?

Tim Dietrich shares his thoughts on making a living as a full time FileMaker consultant:

Earlier this week, I was speaking with a friend who is in the process of going out on his own as a FileMaker consultant. He wanted to “pick my brain” about what’s involved, get some advice that I have based on my experience, and get answers to some of his questions. And while it feels a little strange to be writing about FileMaker again (especially considering that I no longer “do” FileMaker work myself), I thought I’d share some of our conversation – because I get asked these questions often, by both new and established consultants.

Can you make a living as a FileMaker consultant?

Yes, absolutely! And I’m living proof of that.

When I first went out on my own, I had doubts as to whether FileMaker consulting was a viable business or not. My only goal was to generate enough income to provide for my family. And while I suspected that there was a lot of pent-up demand for FileMaker-related services, I had no idea how large that demand was.

It’s a thought provoking post and Tim covers the basics, with a promise to go into more detail in later posts.  

I’d add some things to it, as well.  Networking, marketing, and communication skills will be needed, and I highly recommend investing some time in business coaching with seasoned professionals.  ActionCoach is a highly respected and well regarded firm in the coaching arena.

There is plenty more to learn and, more importantly, to apply.   Verbal skills, negotiating, bookkeeping, marketing, team building, managing growth, and quoting are all necessary skills to master.

Not to mention surviving the lean times. Read Tim’s whole article if you are interested in striking out on your own.  It’s worth your time.


Source: Can You Make it as a FileMaker Consultant

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