Can a FileMaker button be clickable when hidden behind a Web Viewer?

HERE’s SOMETHING I’ll bet you didn’t know (I didn’t).  It seems Web Viewers cover all objects on a layout, but those objects are clickable if layered on top of the Web Viewer.  

For example, a popover placed on top of a Web Viewer does not show on the screen, but can be activated with a well placed click, showing the area of the popover not covered by the Web Viewer layout.  Same with a button:  If the front most object, it is not visible but clickable, and the script runs.  More interestingly, if you were trying to click a URL link that appears in the same place on the web page, it does not work–the button fires instead.  

Moving the Web Viewer to the front of the layout seems to negate this behavior.

 JohnAustin Lamprecht of Soliant brought this to light in his blog post:

Now, the bizarre behavior that occurs is when we have a situation in our second screenshot; where the Web Viewer is visible and drawn over our popover button. If a user were to click the exact location of the popover button, they would be able to activate it, despite that it cannot be seen. This can be seen in the following image:

What this means is that FileMaker may draw Web Viewers over all other objects, but it does not alter the Object Layer Hierarchy.

Click over and read the whole thing.  And keep it in mind when developing with Web Viewers.

Objects over Web Viewers.


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