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The following new functions have been added to FileMaker Pro 13:

  • Base64Decode – Returns container content from text encoded in Base64 format.
  • Base64Encode – Returns the contents of the specified container field as text.
  • Get(ConnectionAttributes) – Returns the name of the current file’s host and the name of the certificate authority that issued the SSL certificate used to secure the connection.
  • GetContainerAttribute – Returns the file metadata of the specified container field.
  • Get(CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds) – Returns the current time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to the nearest millisecond.
  • Get(Device) – Returns a number indicating the type of computer that is currently running FileMaker Pro or FileMaker WebDirect, or the type of iOS device that is currently running FileMaker Go.
  • Get(EncryptionState) – Returns a value representing the file’s current encryption state.
  • Get(NetworkType) – In FileMaker Go, returns a number indicating the type of network being used to access the current file.
  • Get(ScriptAnimationState) – Returns a value indicating whether or not animations are enabled for the current script.
  • Get(TriggerGestureInfo) – In FileMaker Go, returns details about the gesture that activated an OnGestureTap trigger.
  • Get(WindowOrientation) – Returns a value indicating the orientation of the window on which the script is acting (not necessarily the foreground window).

The following functions have changed in FileMaker Pro 13:

  • GetLayoutObjectAttribute(): isFrontTabPanel is now isFrontPanel; isObjectHidden returns 1 (True) if objectName is hidden on a record.
  • Get(TriggerCurrentTabPanel) is now Get(TriggerCurrentPanel).
  • Get(TriggerTargetTabPanel) is now Get(TriggerTargetPanel).


Returns container content from text encoded in Base64 format.
text – Base64 text to decode.
fileNameWithExtension – the filename and extension for the file created from the decoded Base64 text.
Data type returned 

Base64 encoding does not retain the filename or extension of encoded content.

If a filename and extension are not specified in the fileNameWithExtension parameter, Base64Decode returns the container content with a generic filename and extension but does not change the content’s data format.

Base64Decode(Products::Base64;”question.png”) returns ? when Products::Base64 is set to a string that begins with “iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAB8”. The Base64 string in this example was shortened for readability.

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