Business Minute 18 – Systems and Technology

Systems and Technology

You should be looking to use whatever technology is available to make your systems more efficient, such as computerized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, stock control, accounts, payroll, quoting, estimating etc. Custom software – database and/or web driven – is often the key to success in this area.  Don’t forget you are investing in the future, so always select a system that you can grow into otherwise you will limit your growth.  Also, make sure you don’t buy technology just for technologies sake – make sure your investments move your company closer to your goals.

In the next Business Minute we’ll focus on Delivery and Distribution.


 Firetrucks and FileMaker

“It’s all about putting yourself on the line. If you’re not willing to do that. How can you really achieve anything?” – Lorna Jane Clarkson

MonkeyBread’s Update Plug-in for FileMaker

Time to Dump the Spreadsheet and Move Up to Something Better?





Business Minute 18 – Systems and Technology

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