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December 6th, 2013 By Douglas Alder

One of the new features of FileMaker Go 13 is the ability to scan bar codes directly into the database. It is a nice new feature but probably won’t replace a dedicated scanner in many situations — here is why.

Bar Code Test database


Setup is simple. Create a layout with a field and a ‘Scan Barcode’ button.

Insert from Device script step


Note that the script step is selectable but greyed out in the Macintosh and Windows compatibility views. You can still use the step and set it up, but FileMaker is warning you that it won’t work on desktop platforms.

Show Compatibility iOS


Switching to ‘iOS’ in the Show Compatibility popup will display the step in not-grey.

In the lower right area, Specify the field to insert the bar code scan into and set the Insert From to ‘Bar Code’ from the popup menu.

More options


More…Bar Code Scanning in FileMaker Pro 13 | HomeBase Software.

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