Apple’s New Announcements and FileMaker

Apple’s New Announcements and FileMaker

September 10, 2013 By Tim Cimbura

With all the new hardware and software announced today at Apple’s press event, it’s interesting to note how they affect the FileMaker world. See the announcement live here and the individual videos here

iOS 7
FileMaker Go (the iOS client for FileMaker databases) will work on the new operating system. Possibly the FileMaker icon will look a bit different (flatter to match the new iOS look) and be easier to access with the new enhancements in iOS.

FileMaker has noted a couple of function behavior changes to look out for with iOS 7….specifically with how a device is identified with a unique ID and  Get (PersistentID) and Get (SystemNICAddress).

iPhone 5ciphone5c The new colors make little difference to FileMaker, but the fact that the phone is less expensive means it will have the opportunity to reach even more people with custom FileMaker Go solutions.

iPhone 5S
The new A7 64-bit processor and its associated speed will make all database operations more crisp and responsive that do not depend heavily on network performance.

More… Apple’s New Announcements and FileMaker.

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