Apple Landed a Helicopter on my DESK

I have peace and quiet again!!
I replaced my 500G drive with 1T drive…
and the fan speed for the drive increased to 6000 rpm.
And I put up with the Helicopter on my desk for months…
After a discussion with Apple Geniuses that told me… “too bad, so sad.”
“Nothing could be done…” but that wasn’t exactly correct — at all!!!
You CAN control the speed of the fan and bring it down to a normal level.
While Apple may not want you to replace the hard drive in your iMac,
you may want to try software options if you decide to crack open that all-in-one and do some hardware hacking.
My test — spectacular… with no heat buildup.
That fan running at full speed all the time, was just killing the fan…
Made a 13 degree difference… fully within the sub 200 degree range.

The internal temperature went from 111 to 124 by NOT running the fan full speed.

These guys wanted $35
This guy is free (Donate Funding)  and it worked great.  (SSD Fan Control)
But turning off my fan scared me because it was free…
So I sprang for an APP that monitors everything and logs it too… covering my iMac investment!!
It has Two real time Temperature and Fan Speed updates every 10 seconds to my Title Bar
I’m monitoring CPU temp and Upper Enclosure temp… but there were lots of choices.

The overkill App was $10 but it has GROWL alerts if things get hot… (Temperature Gauge 4.1)

Figured it was worth it… besides it does a lot of other things.

It’s been stone quiet for hours now… and this nasty thing Apple did to

nail us people capable of hardware upgrades… has been NEUTRALIZED!



Hope it brings peace and quiet to you too!!!
The Kwaz…





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