Answering Your Questions about FileMaker 12

April 10, 2013
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FileMaker 12 is one of FileMaker Inc.’s major releases. They have them every few years. The last major release was 9 years ago when FileMaker released FileMaker 7. Like FileMaker 7, FileMaker 12 is such a major rewrite of the program that it required a file format change.

With a file format change, all backward compatibility is cut off. However, you can open your old files that are FileMaker 7 or higher and they will automatically be converted for you in a matter of minutes. We’ve found these conversions to be smooth with very little tweaking required. You do need to go all the way when you convert, though. You can’t have some of your users running FileMaker 7-11 while only some are upgraded to FileMaker 12. It needs to be all 12. That said, it’s well worth it to make that upgrade.

When we first wrote about FileMaker 12 in April 2012, we advised caution. Even FileMaker with its impeccable track record, is likely to have a few small rough edges in the very first release of a new version. FileMaker 12 is now on its third point release, 12.0v3, and has proved itself reliable enough for mission critical data. Every release, FileMaker beefs up its backup capability and makes the product faster and more robust. It’s good to go.

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