Accounts Receivables and Invoicing Using FileMaker Pro

Douglas Alder explores why and how you should use FileMaker to supplement, integrate with, or even replace more traditional accounting systems.  My experience with meeting customer needs is similar to his:  Different types of companies have different types of process and reporting needs, and they usually shoehorn their needs into what the accounting packages offer.  FileMaker lets then easily and inexpensively build better solutions:

Long ago, a wise old accountant named Bud, once pointed out to aAccounts Receivables and Invoicing Using FileMaker Promuch younger version of me, that most businesses have very similar accounting needs with respect to Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Payroll systems. Where they differ the most is in the Sales and Accounts Receivable (also Inventory Systems, but that is a story for another day) module.

Some examples of this might be illustrative. A shoe store has different customer tracking needs than a publication or a welding shop. A burger place might never need to record a customer’s name and address or track the production of the components of the customer’s burger. But all these businesses are treated similarly by standard off-the-shelf accounting packages.

Set time aside to read this whole article.

Building an Accounts Receivables and Invoicing System in FileMaker Pro | HomeBase Software.

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