A New Home Page for FileMaker Server 13

ANDY FRAZIER OF EXCELYSIS serves up lots of code–with step by step instructions–for replacing the home page of FileMaker 13 Server.  But he didn’t stop there.  This new page is responsive (meaning it shows properly on any platform including smart phones) and makes the databases available not only in WebDirect but from FileMaker Pro/Go.

Combining the various technologies–javascript, php, jQuery, and others–with FileMaker is a great way to extend FileMaker to new levels of functionality.  And a way to make yourself stand out as a developer.

Get ready for a challenging, fun trip:

Über Awesome Sauce for FileMaker Server 13

We’re going to take the original default index page on your FileMaker Server 13, and replace it with something a little more interesting, and a lot more useful.

As I’m sure you’ll recognize, this is the page FileMaker Server 13 comes with:

FMS13 HomePageIt’s certainly functional. In a way. Sort of. I mean it tells you what you have, right? But it doesn’t really help you do anything. So let’s change that.

A New Home-Page for FileMaker Server 13.

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