A Business Law Attorney Uses FileMaker

A good story to share with prospective clients in a professional business:

How can you use technology to increase your firm’s efficiency and provide the best possible representation to clients?

…The database software program Mark uses in his practice is Filemaker Pro. “All the information we need to collect about a client is stored in Filemaker and from Filemaker we can automatically generate many of the documents we need during our representation of a client,” he explains. “When we collect and input all of those pieces of information into Filemaker at the start of the case and they later become useful, whether we’re seeking to search or sort or format that data or are trying to glean information from it.”

His firm then uses the data stored in Filemaker Pro to generate a vast assortment of documents for the different types of matters his firm handles. “One way we use it is to generate documents for a new corporate formation. We use all of the same data — shareholders names, addresses, social security numbers, etc. — and all of those pieces of information are used to create the different types of shareholder and corporate documents. We also use Filemaker to complete government forms and that’s a huge timesaver. ”

When I asked mark to explain how using databases works in a specific type of case, he broke down this process for documents created for his law firm’s real estate clients as follows: “We’ve determined that completing a real estate transaction for a seller involves collecting and using 61 pieces of information but you only have to collect and enter 47 pieces because you can derive the others from the data you’ve already input. And once that data is in the database, I can generate every document I need to sell a home.”

The big takeaways:  

  • Easy to use
  • Helps improve processes
  • Increase efficiency
  • Store confidential information securely
  • Automate routine prodedures
  • Save time and money

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Source: Today’s Tech: How A Business Law Attorney Uses FileMaker | Above the Law

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