5 Go To Websites for Design Inspiration

Design is hard for me:  I have to look around and find someone’s work to emulate or incorporate into my projects in order to make something nice looking.

However, I quite often don’t like what I find–a great example of that is the current flat design.  I’ll say it:  It’s ugly.  And hard for older eyes to read due to lack of contrast.  The good news is it will be going away in year or two as the design world looks for and finds something new.  Let’s hope it’s better.  Meanwhile, there are alternatives:

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a designer. I have never designed a graphic, or a website, nor have I learned any of the technical skills to do so (just haven’t gotten around to it yet). However, I would say that I have an appreciative eye for design. I get excited by a beautifully laid out website as much as I do by any other brilliant piece of visual art, and good design gets my creative juices flowing.We recently posted an infographic with tips on how to rediscover your creativity. These tips are helpful, but I find that I get most inspired when I take the time to look at what others are doing–what’s already out there that I can draw from.Once I realized there was a world outside of Pinterest for such inspiration, I have discovered a ton of sites where people highlight their work for others to see, and perhaps to hook a client or two.Here are five sites that I peruse on a nearly daily basis, just for fun or to share ideas with the designers I work with.

Let me know your favorites.

Source: 5 Go To Websites for Design Inspiration

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