4D Printing, Google Docs Dictation, Route Optimization, 100 hour payoff

Technology is getting crazy:

Back in February, Skylar Tibbits revealed that he was working on a project called 4D printing. In essence, the technology would allow for 3D printed parts to assemble themselves into usable objects. It’s a concept straight out of futurism fiction,..Here’s Everything You Need To Know About 4D Printing

Speaking of crazy,  how about storing digital information in DNA:

Ceze and his team think they can go much further, moving on to store video and large digital files. They claim it could be possible to “shrink the space needed to store digital data that today would fill a Walmart supercenter down to the size of a sugar cube.”

Still crazy, this time on the subject of dictation, Google Docs now lets you type without typing at all (Thanks to Tim Ballering).

Google has plenty of free services worth checking into.  This week: FileMaker Google Route Optimization | DB Services 

The One-Hour Investment With A 100-Hour Payoff.  I did this a couple of months ago and it really does work. And it’s so much nicer not being interrupted all the time.

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