360Works FileMaker Email Plugin – Send and Receive HTML Email in FileMaker

This plugin uses Amazon’s Simple Email Service – there’s no need for an SMTP server.  What does that mean?  You don’t have to maintain a server or deal with restrictions from other providers, say gmail.  Nice.

The 360Works Email 2 plugin for FileMaker Pro can send and receive HTML or plain text e-mail with SMTP, POP, and IMAP from your FileMaker solution

Email 2 introduces great new features, including sending email from Amazon Simple Email Service, granular control over reading and searching, moving messages, and Instant Messages and SMS / text messages.

How is Email 2 different from FileMaker’s Send Mail script step?

  • Retrieve email from POP/IMAP mailboxes
  • Send multiple and inline attachments in a single message
  • Send multipart formatted (HTML, etc.) emails
  • Speedy delivery of many messages by re-using a single connection to the server
  • Set custom email headers

With Email 2, we’ve added the following features:

  • Send email using Amazon Simple Email Service, a great product from Amazon Web Services that gives the flexibility of an in-house solution and the stability of a third party email provider. Just like an AWS account, there’s no need for an SMTP server with this option.
  • Send instant messages, retrieve buddy lists, and more with AIM integration!
  • Send text messages (SMS) straight from FileMaker! Add new alert functionality for monitoring systems, or send text reminders based on FileMaker data.
  • Move messages on IMAP servers, or save copies of outgoing messages with new functions that provides complete control of where and how messages get saved on your IMAP server.
  • Introducing a much more efficient way to get new messages from your POP and IMAP mailboxes, Email 2 now features precision tools for POP3 UID reading a searching.
  • Manually specify a message ID for outgoing messages.
  • Customizable progress bars control how and when indicators appear to your users.
  • New parameter for EmailReadMessageValue reads the raw format of an email.
  • Read messages from files in addition to mailboxes! Now you can read the contents of an MBOX file or MimeMessage raw file.
  • And much more…

How is the FileMaker community using 360Works Email?

Jonathan Ackerman told us about one of his solutions using this plugin. “I have created a text formatting solution within IWP for one of my clients using 360Works Email plugin. I have integrated the Web viewer with fckeditor to allow for complex text formatting within the email body and allow for viewing HTML styles emails (using PHP to send back the HTML to the web viewer) You had suggested some of this and I appreciate it. My client is thrilled.”
Check out the example of this solution

More…360Works FileMaker Email Plugin -Send and Receive HTML Email in FileMaker.

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