18 Insider Tricks to Simplify Your Process & Workflow


Great design, especially in process and workflow, are necessary for a FileMaker developer to learn.  And a good place to find ideas is by keeping an eye on web design.

The article linked below is aimed at web designers:

Over time, every web designer collects their own stash of tricks to make work easier – hacks, workflows and insider information that only experience teaches. This article is a collection of some of these well-guarded secrets as shared by the industry’s top gurus – quite the collection for a young web designer trying to speed up workflows and improve design. Have fun as you read on!

But many of the tips apply to designing a FileMaker database, as well:

  • Post-it your design ideas
  • Plan the user flow
  • Go slow
  • Setting garish outlines
  • Finding color inspiration
  • Using 12 column grids

Read the whole thing:  the other tips are useful as well.  And stay on top of design ideas in the computer world.  It will help you with your FileMaker design.

Source: 18 Insider Web Design Tricks to Simplify Your Process & Workflow | JUST™ Creative

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