12 Ways Designers Know When a Design Looks Good

So, you’re not an artist or a designer, but you want (and need) a great design for you database solution.  Where do you start? What items do you need to consider?  This article from Design School offers some concrete steps to help focus your thoughts:

  • Does it have a focal point?
  • Does it have a visual flow?
  • Is your text readable?
  • Does it balance form with function?
  • Is the color scheme harmonious?

Many designs lack the a focal point and lose the reader early on:

After a focal point gives viewers a place to start looking, then your design needs to be organized in such a way that their eyes can navigate the rest of the layout easily. This is often referred to as hierarchy — which simply means that the design elements are arranged, sized, and spaced in such a way that it’s clear what viewers should look at first (i.e., what’s most important, the focal point) and how they should proceed through the rest of the design (should their eyes move down the page? across? from one section to another?).

There is much more at the link, with plenty of examples.

Source: 12 Ways Designers Know When a Design Looks Good – And How You Can Too – Design School

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