12 Signs Your Design Style is Out of Date

Are your database designs and interface out of date?

Not all of the 12 signs in this post apply, but the overall message of the blog post is relevant:

How Do We Avoid Dated Design?

It might seem like we have to be on eggshells constantly, worrying about whether our work has staying power. That’s partially true; we should constantly be scrutinizing ourselves and our work. But we should worry less about whether our work is trendy and more about whether we’re really fulfilling our duties as communicators. Truly evocative work is born not of trends, nor the avoidance of them, but of the persistence to create fundamentally sound, informed design. That will never become dated.

As a developer, one of your duties to your client is to help them get their data to communicate with them–to inform them and allow them to make decisions based on sound data.  In other words, great interfaces and great reports.  Design considerations are very important in this process–just don’t get caught up in the trendy looks and effects at the expense of functionality.  Make sure to combine functionality as part of the design process, keeping that as the overall goal.

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Source: 12 Signs Your Design Style is Out of Date ~ Creative Market Blog

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